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The Book:   1001 things everyone should know                        about African American history
The Author: Jeffrey C. Stewart
A well written and impressive account of many of the African American contributions to the rich history of America. From inventions, to science, to medicine, art, and music, African Americans made monumental contributions to the American dream. Read it all in this brilliant, yet easy-to-read book: "1001 things everyone should know about African American history." Also be sure to learn how and when your favorite cliche 'the real Mc Coy' originated.
                                                        Great read
The Book Down to Earth Sociology
The Author: James M. Henslin
"Down to Earth Sociology" is an indepth study the daily interactions among humans: the expectations of social discourse; the conformity to societal rules and regulations; the neutralization of expression, appearance, and tone, all concocted by humans for other humans in the name of civility. How do these social structures impact personal freedom? Buy this brilliantly researched and magnificently compiled book to find out.

The Author:  Martin Jenkins
The Book:    The Titanic
On the April 14, 1912, the largest and finest British luxury ocean liner struck an iceburg and sank, on its maiden voyage from Southampton, England, en route to New York City.
This book traces the history of the Titanic from blueprint to ocean dream, and uncovers the factors that led to her tragic end.
                         A great addition to your library

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The Book:   Beyond Feelings - A guide to critical                     thinking
The Author: Vincent Ryan Ruggiero
This succinct interdisciplinary introduction to critical thinking dares students to question their own assumptions and to enlarge their thinking through the analysis of the most common problems associated with everyday thinking. The text offers a unique and effective
organization: Part 1 explains the fundamental concepts;
Part 11 describes the most common barriers to critical thinking; Part 111 offers strategies for overcoming those barriers.                 Good buy

The Book:   Power and Influence
                 Mastering the art of persuasion
The Author: Robert L. Dilenschneider
The highly acclaimed bestseller, in paperback. Power and influence is an invaluable primer for those already in positions of power and those who desire to be. If you are in any position of leadership: in the workplace; at home; at school, you should own this book.                                              Must have

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The Author: Samuel C. Certo
The Book:   Modern Management
Great book to enhance your management skills a modern managerial environment, and for classroom work.
The basic tools of management, planning, organizing, influencing, and controlling, are the highlights of this book.
It is a perfect book for managers, professors,  students, and for the home library.    Got to have

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This page was last updated: December 9, 2012
The Book The Richer Sex - How the new                             majority of female breadwinners                         is transforming sex, love, and                              family
The AuthorLiza Mundy
A revolution is underway! Within a generation, more households will be supported by women then by men, according to this well-researched presentation by Ms. Mundy. the Author shows why all the data points in the direction of this emerging phenomenon. And, how this reality will transform the sexual, dating, marriage, and domestic habits of men and women.                                             Gotta Have                        
The BookGreedy Bastards - Corporate
                 Communists, Banksters, and other                     Vampires who suck America dry
The Author: Dylan Ratigan
Mr. Dylan Ratigan, host of  a MSNBC evening show, an award-winning journalist, and  the Author of this hard-hitting best seller, exposed the crippling effect of Corporate greed that threatens the very foundation of the US capitalism. The book discusses Corporate manipulations of the financial systems to yield greater profits, and offered concrete solutions to remedy the the broken operations.                                         Buy now
The Book:   Strategic  Vision -  America and the                      Crisis of Global Power'
The Author: Zbigniew Brzezinski
In this insightful analysis of the path forward for America, Dr. Brzezinski examines four major areas of concern: the shift of global power from West to East; the causes and consequences of America's declining global appeal; what would happen if America suffered long-term decline; how America can reoriemt its geopolitical goals to prevent  decline.                                                                   Home Library Friendly                
The Book:   End This Depression Now!
The Author: Paul Krugman
The Author argues in this analytic thesis, that the recession in the US is more than 4 yrs. old. yet, a nation rich in resources, talent and knowledge, with all the ingredients of prosperity and decent standard of living for all, remains in a state of intense pain. With characteristic lucidity and insight, Mr. Krugman outlined the flaws that created the present situation, and charted a part that leads to recovery.             Very educational
The Book:   Barack Obama: 'The Story'
The Author: David Maranis
A well written and thorough researched presentation of the life of Barack Obama. Mr. Maranis, a renowned historian and author, traced the journey of the current US President from boyhood through school and college unto becoming the first black President of the United States of America. Research include letters, journals, and other documents, including interviews with President Obama. Great read
The Book:    It's The Middle-Class Stupid!
The Authors: James Carville/Stan Greenberg
A grand collaboration of two superior minds: James Carville, star of former President Bill Clinton's presidential campaign, and the famous slogan, 'It's the economy stupid,' and Stan Greenberg pollster extraodinaire. Building a strong middle-class is the foundation of the American dream. This book argues that the American dream is threatened as a result of the prolonged weakening of the middle-class in the current economic climate, and would be a major factor in the upcoming general elections.         Must read
The Book:   Caribou Island
The Author: David Vann
The Caribou Island is an uninhabited islet  perched in the waters of Lake Superior, between the Continents of the United States and Canada.
The theme of this book is set on this islet between Gary and Irene whose marriage is unravelling: Gary, driven by 30 years of diverted dreams; Irene haunted by a tragedy in her past. Intoxicating read. Well written.          Great read
The Book:   Thomas Jefferson: The art of power
The Author:  Jon Meacham
In this magnificent biography, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of 'American Lion' and 'Franklin and Winston' brings vividly to life an extraordinary man and his remarkable times. 'Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power' gives us Jefferson the politician and president, a great and complex human being forever engaged in the wars of his era. Philosophers think; politicians maneuver. Jefferson's genius was that he was both and could do both often often times. Such is the art of power.      Educational
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