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The Steelpan is the indigenous musical instrument of Trinidad and Tobago. This phenomenal invention
was the result of emancipated slaves who experimented with any item (see)
at their disposal to create rhythm while they danced in the streets in celebration of their long hoped-for freedom. Check it out! It's tantalizing
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The book:   State Capitalism &
                  World Revolution
The Author: C.L.R. James & Collaborators
                   Raya Dunayevskaya &
                   Grace Lee
In this book C.L.R. James and his co-authors
critique the corrupt representation of Karl Marx's theory of Socialism by Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky, both officials in the then Russian Communist party. Lenin and Trotsky viewed and conducted Socialism as an elitist interlectual political organization that is superior to Capitalism. Marx who authored Russia's Communist manifesto, did have serious adverse views about Capitalism. But his theory of Socialism was based on two characteristics: public ownership; centralized decision making, devoid of elitism and classism.
Great read! Great historical value!

Caribbean authors

The Author: Julia Alvarez
The Book:   A Cafecito Story
A Cafecito Story is a story of love, coffee, birds, and hope. It is a beautifully written eco-fable, based on the author and her husband's experiences trying to reclaim a small coffee farm in her native island, The Dominican Republic. The author describes how the return to the traditional methods of shade grown coffee can rehabilitate and rejuvenate the landscape and human culture. Yet, simultaneously preserve vital habitats for threatened songbirds.
Great read.
The Anguillian government invited the services of consultants from Halcrow/CHL, of the UK, to undertake a sustainable tourism master plan for the island.The consultants recommendations presented for tourism master plan doubling of industry at US$750 million, was delivered to the Anguillian government on Monday, October 10, 2011. The consultants provided a triple-plan approach: a low growth-rate plan requiring a $220mUS; a medium growth-rate requiring a $750mUS; a high growth-rate plan requiring a $1.5bUS. It is truly commendable to see that Anguilla has embarked on a bold approach to enhance its tourist industry. Tourism is the main economic resource for the Caribbean islands, and each island entity would need to constantly upgrade their strategies. If Anguilla should untilize the medium plan, which is most likely, it would be financed by the Caribbean Development Bank.
This page was last updated: March 17, 2013
China's 'Fang-Fu' extends / US sleeps
China signs another big deal with yet another Caribbean island - my homeland - Trinidad and Tobago. March 15, 2013, the EXIM Bank of China signed a $1.8B loan agreement with the government of Trinidad and Tobago. Thjs loan is for the construction of a children's hospital in Couva, and for the contruction of 6 sporting facilities in other parts of the country. The loan agreement was signed by the Trinidad and Tobago Finance Minister, Mr. Larry Howai, and China's EXIM Vice President, Mr. Zhu Hongjie. Contractors for the projects would be provided by a Shanghai Construction Group of Companies. Shanghai would provide 60% of the labor force, while Trinidad and Tobago would provide 40%. The US needs to wakeup from it's slumber and start mowing the grass in its backyard. It's much greener there than in the Middle East. The Caribbean islands are about 99% democratic governments, exceedingly peaceful, ready-made partnerships.

The Author: Dr. Eric Eustace Williams
The book:   From Columbus to Castro

An historical account of Caribbean history from 1492 through 1969, this masterpiece authored by Dr. Eric Eustace williams, will walk you through the stated period, from the conquest of Christopher Columbus, through slavery and colonialism, to the Cuban revolution, headed by Fidel Castro.
Dr. Williams won independence from England for Trinidad and Tobago in 1962, and was its Prime Minister from 1956 - 1981.
Must read.
Author : Dr Curdella Forbes ( Jamaica)
            Professor Howard University
Book:    From Nation to Diaspora:
Samuel Selvon, George Lamming,
and the Cultural Performance of Gender
This book, a must read, is the first comprehensive treatment of gender in the works of Samuel Selvon (Trinidad), and George Lamming (Barbados), two important West Indian writers who are rarely analyzed together. It demystifies nationalist discourses and discourses of creolization, showing that these have masked gender inequalities and complexities in West Indian society, and that the maskings are in turn part of a larger masking of neocolonial threads within nationalism.

The Author: Earl Lovelace
The Book:   The Dragon Can't Dance
A hilarious story about 'shanty-town' life in Trinidad, and the connectedness to a unique culture: Carnival, Steelband, and Calypso. The author features the lives of Aldric Prospect, who portrays a 'dragon' every year religiously at the Carnival celebrations; Miss Cleothilda, an aging Carnival Queen; Philo the Calypsonian: Fisheye who is associated with the steelband. The charecters are all residents of Calvary Hill in the City of Port-of-Spain. This is a beautiful depiction of ordinary living,  freedom of survival, and unfettered commitment to country and culture.  

A Canadian mining company has embarked on a large scale drilling for gold in the Marudi
mountain in Guyana. According to Clifford Stanley writing in the Guyana Chronicle, Feb. 24, 2012, the Guyana project consists of 10 to 15 holes drilled to depths of 150 and 300 metres.
It is worth noting that  Canada is investing in the Caribbean region, China is investing heavily in the Caribbean region. Where is the United States? Isn't it a better economic policy for the US to invest in its colllective neighbors: the Caribbean, with all its stability and its abundance of untapped resources, and yes, oil and gas deposits, instead of expending US cash and human lives in an unstable Middle East?

Trinidad & Tobago will host the 14th annual
Caribbean Tourism Organization's (CTO) Sutainable
Tourism Conference (STC) in  April, 2013. The CTO has
just completed STC-13 in Guyana, April 18, 2012, which
hosted 300+ delegates. The objective of the STC is to
oversee the continued development of tourism for the
sustainable economic benefit of the Caribbean people.
The CTO has its headquarters in Barbados, and has a
32-country membership of diverse languages: English,
Spanish, French, and Dutch. STC-2 was held in
Trinidad, 1998. STC-7 was held in Tobago, 2009.
                       Have a productive STC-14
JetBlue/Cayman Islands Pact
JetBlue, US-based Airline, has concluded negotiations with the Cayman Islands to launch two new flights to the Islands beginning November 17, 2012.
JetBlue is espected to operate a year-round, 3-day/week, JFK, NY/ORI, GCI/JFK, NY service on Mondays, Thursdays,
and Saturdays. Also, a seasonal  1-day/week service,
Saturdays only: Boston, Mass./ORI, GCI/Boston, Mass.
In announcing the deal, Premier McKeeva Bush said:
"Reaching this agreement to provide services is an
exciting and welcome result which will move the
destination closer to achieving our goal of increasing 
visitors to the Cayman Islands from two of our top sourced
markets." It is encouraging to see that North America is paying attention to the Caribbean, its backyard. It is time for the US to stop wasting resources in the Middle East, and start  promoting its neighbor, the Caribbean.
The Author: Jan Rogozinski
The Book:   A Brief History of the Caribbean
Jan Rogozinski, in this brilliantly written book, takes the reader through more than 500yrs. of Caribbean history from the arrival of Christopher Columbus in  1492, through the sojourn of figures like: Sir Francis Drake; Blackbeard; Toussaint Louverture; Fidel Castro; the Duvaliers; Jean-Bertrand Aristide.
This very scholarly  work charted the Caribbean's meandering path in its social, economic, and political developments through the years. The book also features maps, charts, tables,
and photographs to graphically illustrate an indepth  researched and analytic presentation. It is, without doubt, an easy yet educated read for all: students; educators; polititians alike.